Remove Search Results 

Search results are the most commonly required removal in our business. There truly are a huge range of reasons you’d want to remove a search result, they include:

  • Defamatory content

  • Legal information being shared

  • Unauthorised images & videos

What are search results?

Search results are the list of websites and webpages pulled up when you type a query in to the likes of Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo. They consist of:

  • Organic Results - These are natural results that over time and click through have risen to the top.

  • Sponsored Results - These are paid ad’s within the search.

Common Platforms:

The Facts:

  • There are 4,464,000,000 searches performed each day on Google.

  • Overall, phones and tablets produced 53% of all paid search clicks in Q2 this year. This is up 12 points from the previous year.

  • With 92% of people using the Google search, if you have negative content on the first page it can seriously affect your business and personal brand.

The Solution:

We provide time served tailored solutions to remove search results. Our service places applications on behalf of clients so we can oversee and manage the application process so you get the desired result.

With many clients having struggled to deal with a search engines constant move in policies its never been a better time to streamline that process with Content Removal.

Get in touch with one of our consultants below and let us take this off your plate so you can concentrate on better things in life and business.