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Dear Friend,

    If you are desperate to remove online content that’s damaging your reputation, business or sales beyond repair (but have had no luck), then this will be one of the most important messages you ever read.

    Here is why:

    My name is Frankie and I’m the owner of ContentRemoval.com.

   And, I’m an expert at removing all types of content from the internet, such as: Images, videos, eBooks, course content, explicit and harmful content, revenge porn, impersonation of social accounts, copied content, blogs, websites, web pages, auction listings on ebay (and other auction sites), copyright and trademark infringement, and a whole lot more.

I’m Now Offering To Get Rid Of Online Content

That You Want Removed!

  But before I tell you more, you need to know something important...

   Some time ago, I crossed paths with a large number of people who were distressed and even losing sleep because of online content that was either destroying their reputation... or... killing their business and sales at lightning speed...

     They simply weren’t having much (if any) success at getting it removed.

    I saw this as an opportunity and thought maybe there was something I could do to help.

    So I decided to learn everything I possibly could about content removal.
    It took me hundreds, if not thousands of hours before I finally learned the tricks of the trade and insider secrets.

    I’ve now set up my own company and successfully removed TONS of hard to get rid ofcontent for a long line of happy customers (including the ‘who’s who’ of celebs and a string of high profile businesses).


     Let Me Tell You How Me And My Company Can Help You:  

  • We are able to remove mammoth amounts of content others may have told you is impossible to get rid of!

  • We can stop you missing out on new business by successfully removing content from across the internet that you don’t want your future business partners, prospects and customers to see!

  • Me and my team of experts will work around the clock without you having to lift a finger… dramatically slashing the time it takes to remove content from the internet!

  • You’ll quickly pocket more cash as we put a STOP to thieves who are profiting from illegally distributing your copyrighted and trademarked content online! (This includes courses, eBooks and products being given away for FREE and sold across the web… unlawful eBay listings… and much more).

  • Has your private life been violated? We can help to get sexually explicit content/revenge porn that’s been posted online without your consent taken down! (Imagine how relieved you’ll be when it's gone for good and no longer have to fear anyone seeing it!)

  • Did you know your current and future employers are almost certainly trying to find out EVERYTHING they can about you online? We can help boost your reputation by eliminating content from social media, Google and other platforms across the web that you don’t want them to see!

  • We’re able to tackle harmful and reputation crushing content such as hate websites and cyber abuse!

  • And much, much more!

    Listen very carefully…

    As you read this message, it’s very likely there is content that's rapidly spreading across the internet like an aggressive form of cancer and KILLING your personal brand, reputation, business and sales faster than you could ever imagine possible.

    Me and my team know exactly what to do to quickly help you. If you’re interested, then you should seriously consider getting in touch. But, before you do, you should know the following:

    Firstly, getting rid of content takes time. There is simply no way that I (or anyone else worth their salt) can give you a specific or guaranteed time period in which the content will be removed.

     Why? Simply because we have to liaise with third parties and there is no way to control how or when they will act.

    Secondly, me and my team of highly trained experts are constantly working around the clock… and… time is money. So, hiring us doesn’t come cheap.

    Thirdly, we won’t take on just any project. We freely admit if we can’t remove something. That’s why we only work on cases we are sure we can be successful with.

    Would you like my help? If so…

Here’s What You Must Do Right Now:

    Simply fill out the contact form below with your full name, primary email address, telephone number, a brief message describing what the problem is and where the content you want removed is located.

    Once you’ve done this, press the ‘SUBMIT’ button.

    Me and my team of experts will then look into your enquiry and respond to you in 24 hours to discuss what can be done, the best course of action and how much it will cost.

   Rest assured that when you talk to us on the phone, you’ll be talking to an expert who KNOWS how to successfully remove the most aggressive forms of content!

    That’s all there is to it.

    Get in touch right now while it’s still fresh in your mind.




P.S. The bottom line is this: The longer you delay, the more damage that is being done to your reputation, business and sales. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by getting in touch and finding out how I can help you right now!

P.P.S. Here are what others are saying about us:

“Content Removal show a level of professionalism and compassion, that is hard to find in this world. Online harassment, and defamation, happen too often to innocent people. I was stuck as to where to go to get help with this.

Content Removal contacted me, and within 7 days had everything back to the way it should be, they were professional, and successful in protecting my name, brand and image. They are trustworthy, honest and very efficient with time.

I highly recommend ContentRemoval.com, and aside from their amazing work, I have gained a friends within their team” - Brinkley

“Content Removal are absolute magicians at what they do. So easy to communicate with, so that my concerns and ideas are understood before any work was carried out, which allowed them to create a game plan and relay it to myself so that both parties are in full understanding of what would be done.

They were very efficient at updating me of all of the mini wins along the way, loading me with ideas of what else could be done to achieve a greater outcome, and letting me know when the goal was achieved. Cannot recommend Frankie and Content Removal highly enough, absolutely flawless service, honest, trustworthy, and a joy to work with” - Angus

“Content Removal took a special interest in me and my business, showing genuine concern in resolving some unethical and defamatory online content which has been removed from Google thanks to the help of Content Removal.

I want to wish Content Removal the best of luck in winning your business because your help honestly changed my life. Greatly appreciated” - Nadine


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