Influencer Reputation Management: Here’s why you need it!

Reputation is a form of currency! Imagine working your butt off for years to build a following. You create some digital assets and attract a good deal of sponsorship, only to see your reputation destroyed by an impersonation account! Sales hit by a rip off of your digital product or course. Sound familiar?

We protect influencers online reputations by providing content removal services so you don’t end up in the same boat as Instagrams @devinphysique.

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Has someone you once trusted shared a private image or video of you online? Whether it’s a former trusted acquaintance or someone who was close to you spreading defamatory content about you to your followers, we can help!


The good news is that you have the right to control how everyone sees you online. Content Removal specialise in managing your online reputation. We do this by ensuring that your followers are only receiving the content you want shared.

We are here to help you manage online content issues and any future issues that may arise after you have uploaded content. In most cases, stopping the problem before it becomes an issue is the best possible solution. We offer reputation management for influencers who require their content to be closely monitored in order to prevent defamatory content from being shared by outside parties.

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Impersonation Accounts & plagiarism

Everyday influencers are affected by impersonation of their social accounts and digital products. We have developed countless strategies to protect influencers from these types on infringements. Don’t underestimate the value of your online reputation when your currency is influence.

What to do next?

Content Removal prides itself on being able to help businesses, influencers and individuals get malicious content removed. We will closely monitor content that may impact your online reputation and help you with future issues that may arise. If you would like to take charge of your online reputation then click the button below and book in a time to speak with a strategist.

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