Frequently Asked Questions

What is Content Removal?

Content Removal put simply is the drafting and submission of applications to the relevant third-party/host/ISP of the content in question i.e. Google Inc, Facebook Inc, Instagram ect.

We place these on your behalf to eventuate the removal of the content.

What does it cost to remove online content?

Each case in inherently different. We do not take cookie cutter approaches to content removal services. Everything is tailored to a clients specific needs unlike other agencies that operate at cheaper price points.

Do you use lawyers?

We do not use lawyers in our content removal process. It’s a very common myth that lawyers can remove online content when in fact they simply draft a cease and desist in most cases. As you can understand this has a limited effect in terms of removing online content.

Which websites do you remove content from?

We have removed content from 157 platforms including Google, Facebook, ebay, Instagram, Amazon ect not to mention countless server hosts and clouds.

What’s your process?

Once you have enquired we will set a time for a discovery call where we ascertain your needs and learn more about the content currently affecting you. After the initial fact finding consult we will present you with an adequate solution and a few price point options tailored to your needs. At this point if you are satisfied we will process payment and commence on works as laid out in our agreement.

Why did you start this company?

This company was founded for one simple reason….. To give all clients a streamlined process of removing online content that has no right to be in the public domain.

No one else can claim to be market leaders or pioneers in our industry as we own the name of the industry as a whole and started removing copyright content in the US back in the early 2000’s

Do you work with people in my country?

We are very much a global agency. We currently have employees based in US, UK and Australia.

Competitor XYZ says content can’t be removed?

Always seek our advice before ultimately deciding on whether this is the case or not.

What does de-index mean?

When de-indexing content this essentially means i.e the content would be removed from the Google search however it is still live where it was originally hosted. This is still a very strong method of limiting damage as 92% of people will go to Google to search you, rather than inputting the direct URL to the content.

Does it matter if the content is true or false?

In short NO. However we will not take on cases that involve sexual abuse of children or anything of that nature based upon the companies moral obligations.

Do you work with companies or individuals?

We work with both companies and individuals should they meet the requirements to become a client.

Can you remove content from Google?

Yes we can remove content from the Google search across multiple jurisdiction.

Can you remove content from Facebook?

Yes we have removed pages, groups, posts, fake accounts as well as multiple other pieces of content from the platform.

Can you remove content from Youtube?

Yes we actually removed over 1000 videos off that platform in 2018 for a whole manner of infringement issues towards our clients.

Can you remove content from Instagram?

Yes we have removed many impersonation accounts from the platform for celebrities, individuals and businesses. We have also removed images, stories, comments and videos.

Can you remove content from ebay?

Yes many of our clients have had their digital ebooks and courses resold on the platform and it’s something we remove on a regular basis.

Why trust content removal?

We are 100% transparent and that reflects in the content we produce. We have been around in one form or another since the early 2000’s and own the name of our industry.

Who are content removal?

Originally a US owned company we were brought out in 2017 and are now owned by UK and AUS based entities. With a deep rich history in the online reputation management industry and content removal services sector.

How can I contact you today?

You can either contact us directly through our contact form. Alternatively you can call us on 1300 GET RID - 1300 438 743 Australia or email us

International call numbers can also be found on the website.