How Global Fitness Brand SWEAT Stopped Millions in Fraudulent Activity

A major influencer in the fitness sphere, internationally renowned business SWEAT found themselves at the centre of many targeted online attacks, placing not only their reputation but millions in income at stake.

SWEAT contacted the team at Content Removal to remove the unauthorised reselling of their branded health and fitness guides on platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba, as well as stopping free downloads from torrent websites.

Tailored solutions were also put in place to stop and prevent people from producing fake news endorsing other people’s products while utilising SWEAT’s images and videos. Impersonated social media accounts were also removed across multiple platforms, along with the removal of fake Facebook ads.

Finally, SWEAT was successful in shutting down fake websites duplicated from their original site, enabling them to take back control of their content and advance their business growth.


Since partnering with Content Removal’s team in 2017, we have achieved significant improvements around our brand and IP protection. We have seen a dramatic reduction in plagiarised content resulting in a direct ROI. – We cannot recommend them highly enough!