How a Pro Surfer Saved Her Reputation in 7 Days

A highly successful Instagram influencer reached out to Content Removal to help repair their online reputation after being attacked by a former associate. Upon review, over 60 links with hundreds of pages of content were found to be running through the first 10 pages of the Google search under their name.

Types of content included blogs, defamatory websites, photos, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and a whole manner of other sites. We put together a plan to tackle this content over 30 days, explaining to our client which specific content was most harmful to their personal and business brand.

Over the following 7 days, over 50 links were removed from the Google search results, with 45 pages and websites pulled down at the source.  

In just one week, Content Removal had alleviated the stress and anguish caused by online abuse that had previously gone unresolved for 3 years and was causing the client to lose potential media and sponsorship deals.


“Content Removal shows a level of professionalism and compassion, that is hard to find in this world. Online harassment and defamation happen too often to innocent people. I was stuck as to where to go to get help with this.

Content Removal contacted me, and within 7 days had everything back to the way it should be, they were professional and successful in protecting my name, brand, and image. They are trustworthy, honest and very efficient with time.

I highly recommend, and aside from their amazing work, I have gained friends within their team.”

Brinkley Davies, Pro Surfer & Marine Biologist