How an International Fashion Brand Dealt with Counterfeits

As a producer of fashionable women’s activewear, Saski Collection became the target of fake sites selling counterfeit goods, costing them a potential loss of revenue, as well as impacting their industry reputation.

As a result, Saski Collection’s business operations were also impacted, with their customer service department at a loss as to how to rectify these unauthentic orders.

Content Removal was sourced and an individualised plan was put in place to stop and remove these websites from conducting fraudulent activity. Additionally, stolen imagery and content were also removed from multiple websites, including fake news and advertising, as well as a range of impersonated social media accounts.


“Content Removal’s team worked quickly & efficiently, they kept us well informed throughout the process. We sell our brand worldwide so the monetary value that we received as a result of stopping fraudulent companies profiting from selling fakes of our products was invaluable! – We highly recommend Content Removal and would definitely work with them again.”