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I'm Frankie, Founder of Content Removal and one of the leading online content removal experts in the industry.

Lets not beat around the bush here!

You are on this website because you want to remove online content and you are struggling to achieve that desired outcome.

Not to hear my life story.

If you are interested in that send me an email!

But here’s the short version…..

I literally started Content Removal with a 2013 MacBook Air from an apartment a little over 3 years ago after identifying just how many people and businesses were having problems with a whole range of online content.

No one teaches you how to remove online content and every situation where removal is needed is inherently different…. the only way I could learn was to take on as many peoples problems and learn on the job.

After doing all the pro bono across 57 platforms I hustled and cold called until I landed my first client.

Over time my growing global team and I have had the pleasure of looking after some great clients, delivering results that other companies had struggled to deliver.

To be honest… a lot promise the world yet deliver an atlas!

Fast forward to today, and…

After removing near 30,000 URL’s and being one of the fastest growing agencies in our industry it’s fair to say….. I’m proud!

Now with that said as a company we have a simple philosophy to….

“add massive value to our clients…. without the bullsh%t the rest of the industry tries to palm you off with”

One of the funniest things I hear (almost daily actually) is… xyz agency GUARANTEES removal where as you are saying its 60/40!

We simply choose to tell you the truth…

I mean, lets think about this logically… how can an agency guarantee content removal when 80% of cases land at the third party hosts discretion?

Exactly they can’t…. however a guarantee is one of the best sales tools there is… So I can understand why they use it!

Here is our Guarantee:

  1. We will give you a true and honest assessment on whether we believe the content is truly removable and a rough estimation of timescale.

  2. You will be speaking to a person that can actually remove content… instead of that sales guy… (I know you’ll appreciate this)

  3. We won’t pad out our conversation with what I call “Waffle” the needless indirect skirt round the problem approach.

  4. You won’t be taken on as a client unless we 100% believe we can add massive value by assisting you.

We’re one of the fastest growing content removal agencies because we work with some of the biggest personal and business brands!

Here’s some numbers…

Our clients collective net worth has increased from $257 million in 2017 to an astonishing $813 million in 2018 according to the Times UK Rich List and the Australian Financial Review…. your growth is our growth.

You may ask “how can they achieve that by removing online content”

Well its amazing where your content, courses and IP can end up on the internet where other people are profiting from your hard work.

Solving these issues allows us to deliver massive ROI.

Lets run some numbers so you can really see where money is being left on the table….

In late 2017 we took on a client worth an eye watering $63 million… as a personal brand that’s simply staggering.

Hats off to you ladies…. as you can really show us guys up in business!

Anyway… back to my point

$63 million from selling digital products, courses, apps etc… phenomenal

Here’s the kicker though… every man and his dog was copying and selling her content, delivering her free content to her clients (without getting their email address on her list)

wait it gets worse…

The biggest digital product distributor in Europe (based out of Germany) was selling her content.

What should of been a fantastic distribution channel was actually costing Millions of $$$ loss of revenue as all this was copied content…

Heck… the distributor brought the distribution rights to the copied content off another company!

Yes in 2018 things like this do happen… and you have to be on to it!

That is just one example of many I could give you

The final numbers to this scenario are as follows…

$132,000 dollars….. the cost of one year with Content Removal… $11,000 a month!

Shutting down this and many other instances of illegal sharing, selling, stealing and profiting from the brand, the name, the products and the content….

Was by our estimation over $10,000,000 per year!

However, I was WRONG

The value of the company rose in 1 year 2017 to 2018… from $63 million dollars to $462 million dollars and won countless awards in the process.

For every $11,000 spent on online reputation management and content removal returned $33,250,000 a month in company value growth.

Even if you said $1,000,000 a month was due to increased sales because the content is not as freely available and plagiarised then I’d say that’s a fair ROI.

Not bad!!!

We paid back the 12 month investment in us and we would love to offer similar results to you and your business.

Working with us - and I’m not bragging when I make this statement - probably the smartest way a business can use it’s marketing budget to protect its online reputation and increase sales!

But hold on a second. If you are thinking about working with Content Removal this year, you should know something…

We don’t proclaim to be a silver bullet to removing everything on the internet!

We simply don’t just work with anyone and everyone.

If you are one of these clients seduced by mythical guarantees and waffle about loopholes to removing online content in 24 hours.

Then you should leave this website right now.

Content Removal is and will continue to be a market leader, simply because we don’t dress things up just to make a sale.

On a personal level its taken me 1000’s of hour to get here, building systems and processes that actually give the client half a chance of removing online content.

I truly am proud of where we have come and what we have achieved over the years.

There’s no smoke and mirrors to how we have grown our business.. we simply add value!

Here’s what to do next if you would like our teams help

If you and your business wants to work with us over the long term to protect your online reputation.

Then we have the expertise needed to make this happen.

I regularly share a lot of no-BS techniques and strategies on how to protect your online reputation.

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I wish you every success going forward


Founder of Content Removal

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